The power of a brand that connects with your audience and takes your business to the next level is a total game-changer. There are many facets of branding and Brand Design is the key area which is my passion and specialisation.

Visual storytelling is the component of branding that brings a brand to life. It can be made up of several key components including logo, tagline or positioning statement, colour palette, branding assets and graphic elements, photography, infographics, video, key messaging, animation, and more...


brand identity guidelines

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Whilst a logo is the most visible brand asset and what your audience will most closely associate with your brand, this major factor in building your branding backbone is in the creation of BRAND IDENTITY GUIDELINES.

Think of your Brand Identity Guidelines as a blueprint for your branding; it lays the framework for how, where, and when your brand assets should be used - like a BRAND BIBLE. Branding Guidelines are a MUST if you want to create consistency in your branding and taking the time to get your branding ready on paper will make it much easier to bring your brand to life. 

When it comes to creating Brand Identity Guidelines, you can include anything and everything that has to do with the way you want to bring your branding to life. It could just be the basic essentials such as…logo, correct usage, colour palette and typography, or a full blown suite of collateral outlined just the way you want your assets to be used by your staff members and your suppliers.

For more information download our Brand Identity Guidelines Checklist.

The more detailed you get in your Brand Identity Guidelines, the easier it will be to create a consistent brand experience across all marketing channels where your target audience encounter your brand whether that’s on social media, your website, in your office, in printed or product format, or at an event.

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