Naomi and Simon Bowden
Your Communication Partners

“Design success starts with communication; the heartbeat of branding, marketing and coaching”

We vibrantly communicate your brand's purpose to your customers in a way they can't ignore. Powerfully communicated branding and marketing leave a lasting impression so that your customers remain loyal to you for years to come. This is the backbone of business success. 

Communication is core.



Establish a point of difference and maximise your business performance



Develop a strategic creative marketing strategy to optimise lead generation and sales



Define your brand to accurately reflect your business and connect with your audience

Define how you communicate to your customers










Communicate with powerful creative branding

Our Work

Below is a little taste of our work...

We help you to find the answers. These lie in big picture vision and custom communication-led solutions.

Support to solve your business pain points.

It’s time for CHANGE! We know it. We’ve heard the awful stories of missed opportunities. So, don’t leave your business vulnerable. Let us show you effective solutions that can transform the future of your business success.

At The Brand Advisory our mission is simple:

We use communication as the core ingredient in every way we work with you. From our first conversation, in how we listen and collaborate with you, to delivering high end results that drive your successful business growth.

Many business owners have an understanding of branding, marketing and coaching. Yet the truth is, so many fail to communicate effectively with their customers. Why? Because they often suffer the trap of ‘shiny-new-object’ syndrome. Chasing the latest ‘business revolution’ continually compels them to purchase cookie-cutter options. Invariably, these over-promise on solutions yet result in drastically under-delivered outcomes. But not on our watch.

The Brand Advisory is a creative studio, located in Berwick in Melbourne’s outer south eastern region. Spearheaded by husband and wife team, Naomi Bowden, Brand Advisor and Graphic Designer, and Simon Bowden, Sales and Marketing Consultant and Business Coach.

We breathe new life into your brand. Powered by our extensive combined 50+ years’ experience in branding, marketing and coaching. We weave communication through every facet and application.

Simon has assisted me and my ventures with sales/marketing, and strategies in scaling rapidly. Simon is an amazing human being and it's magic to have him around as a coach and friend.

Marlon, Founder & CHO, BISTEC Global

Very professional and responsive, and also very experienced in the design work we required. Naomi's knowledge of branding and the importance of this in a business context is a genuine asset.

Craig, General Manager, LivCor

Simon is a thorough professional and has helped me greatly with my marketing. He has a thorough knowledge in his field, and I cannot thank him enough for all the help.

Devang, Founder & CEO, 24x7Direct

Naomi is a highly talented designer, easy to work with, listens and responds to feedback, and is incredibly accommodating. 

Dr Liz Isenring, Founder, Linc Nutrition

Naomi came highly recommended and I'm kicking myself that I didn't connect with her sooner. She's great with communication and follow up, and really drills down on your vision.

Jo, Director, Platinum Package Home Loans

Simon takes the mystery out of scaling a business and makes the right next step so simple and obvious. My business has grown organically with Simon's advice and I can focus on what is fun and rewarding.

Jamie, Director, JMAXX

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