The Brand Advisory is a creative studio specialising in powerful communication services and skills. Based in Berwick in Melbourne's south eastern region, we build, overhaul and refresh brands across Australia and the world.

There’s nothing more important in business than having the right team in your corner!

With a combined 50+ years’ experience, our highly skilled specialists provide:
• quality visual branding and graphic design
• strategic sales and marketing
• business coaching
• sales training
• and more.

To us, communication is the crux. We catapult your business forward for growth and success.

Who We Are


With over 30 years of experience as a visionary sales consultant and coach, my mission has always been clear: to help clients unlock their full potential and achieve their personal and organisational goals. I believe in identifying strengths, addressing blind spots, and guiding informed decisions to fast track success.

Throughout my career, I've been driven by the conviction that sales excellence is paramount to business success. I'm passionate about building lasting relationships, nurturing growth, and inspiring others to reach their full potential. My approach has led to remarkable achievements, including doubling sales within just six months for some clients.

With a blend of expertise, empathy, and strategic vision, I strive to be a beacon of inspiration, guiding clients towards sales mastery and business prosperity.

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Sales and Marketing Consultant, Coach

Simon Bowden

My mission is always to help my clients identify their aspirations and vision, strengths and blindspots; help them make informed decisions and take actions when needed to ultimately fast track them towards their personal goals.

Communication and Consistency are my number one priority. Listening, collaboration and creativity are the essence of how I relate to and work with my clients.

I’ve ridden the waves of growing our business in a sea of competitors. So, I understand the drive, dedication and determination required to invest in the long-haul journey of strategic creative branding.

As a Brand Advisor and Graphic Designer, I have spent over 27 years honing my design skills. As an expert in my field, I have a love for curiosity, innovation and learning. I have a deep respect for the expertise and knowledge of my clients. Behind every business are wonderful people who have an amazing brand story. My aim is to unlock your story to share it with the world and bring your brand to life.

Brand Advisor, Graphic Designer, Founder

Naomi Bowden

Marketing is like asking someone on a date, and Branding is the reason they say ‘YES’!



Establish a point of difference and maximise your business performance



Develop a strategic creative marketing strategy to optimise lead generation and sales



Define your brand to accurately reflect your business and connect with your audience

What We Do

Sales Training Programs should always be tailor-made. We develop business Sales Training Programs that are 100% customised to meet your specific business requirements and team culture. Delivered for you and your team by Simon or one of our business trainers. Each with a proven track record and a wealth of practical, real-world sales training experience.

Every business trainer in our team has senior leadership and management experience. So, they’ll be delivering a wealth of practical knowledge to each business sales training program. All programs include our speciality ‘How to Dangle the Carrot’ to attract high paying customers to your business. Our business trainers have worked with many thousands of delegates over the years, both here in Australia and internationally. Supercharge your sales performance with our custom training programs today.

Boost your sales performance.

Bonus Services

Key messages are your communication building blocks. So, they are a vital component of any strategic branding and marketing plan. Key messages clearly convey main points of information that you want your audience to hear, understand and remember. Our expert copywriter will work with you to create customised key messaging. We’ll amplify your brand in bite-sized summations that articulate what you do, why you do it, how you are different and what value you bring to stakeholders.

Key messaging.

Marketing Lead Funnels turn followers into customers. We create unique Marketing Lead Funnels as part of your customised marketing strategy. We’ll show you how effectively our sales lead generator software works to create new social media followers for your brand. Then converts them into paying customers.

Haven’t implemented a Marketing Lead Funnel within your business yet? Then you’re missing a key component in your marketing strategy. We expose our clients to our suite of different marketing opportunities: ones that you’ve probably never even thought of.

Lead funnels amplify your message.

Tech solutions are for everyone. Not solely for big brands like banks and financial institutions. We’ve seen more and more small to mid-size businesses continuing to follow today’s tech solution trend. And for good reason.

Statistics show an average Australian adult spends 3 hours 43 minutes on their mobile device every day. We see a HUGE marketing opportunity in tapping into this scrolling market. Let us help you turn tech solutions into business growth.

Tech solutions are the future.

Wherever you are on your branding journey, it’s easy for us to start the process with you.

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