my thrill is to witness your rise to success

I am an observer, a nature lover, an amateur photographer, a baker, I’m fascinated by colour, nuance and human behaviour. I have big red curly hair and a loud, unashamed infectious laugh. I am thoughtful, insightful, empathetic and have a strong moral conscience.

I can proudly say that I have a respectable, professional presence. I’m not your city slicker hipster designer who wears the latest threads and rocks expensive wheels to match. You won’t find a myriad of selfie’s of me on social media and I’m certainly not on the hunt to make your branding plug a hole in my portfolio. I don’t and WON'T produce cheap clip-art logos, there are other places that offer that empty quick fix.

LET's chat

Owner and Brand designer

I'm naomi

I’ve been doing this graphic design gig for over 23 years and the beauty of this is that I’ve done the hard yards as an employee and as a business owner myself (since 2005 in fact). I’ve ridden the waves of growing a small business. I live and breathe creating consistent branding and marketing collateral on the daily and have been doing so for years. Its ingrained in my soul. 

I am the brand advisor, the graphic designer, the project manager, the business colleague, the networker and the collaborator. I believe in investing myself in your business and will delve deep and partner with you to truly understand your story and grasp the overall vision so that
I can elevate your brand to the next level and beyond.

It’s this recipe that will result in a brand that you’ll not only be thrilled with, but will impact your customers, set you apart from your competitors and be the launchpad for reaching your goals.

i'm tactful yet honest

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my favourite things

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